Friday, November 4, 2011


The Days Of The Week

Friday- All hope is lost, another week has gone by, just like all the rest. I am resigned to the fact I have blown it again. It is now 2pm and I have not achieved what I wanted to. Just about ready to totally give up on this week. Did a few good things but hardly anywhere near what I wanted to. Almost 5pm. All hope is now lost. What to do?

Saturday- So many ideas in my head. Have to organize them. The faster I write them down, the faster the new ones come. It's going to be a good week. So much to do. So much hope to achieve some great things. I have a plan. I am going to write down my plan....tomorrow. Today I will just bask in the glow of my possible conquest of my lazy demon. I am the eternal optimist on Saturday. Saturday inspires confidence that Friday squishes like a bug.

Sunday- Feel great today. Sunday is all about euphoria and anticipation. Sunday is like 10 minutes before you take off your clothes to have great sex. Monday is just a short time away and I know I will do great things. I always do great things on Mondays. If everyday was Monday I would be Hemmingway..or Shakespeare. Got to find a way to make everyday my Monday. Sunday is now almost over. Have my plan and my schedule ready. I am going to stick to it. I am getting this done. No letting up this week. More is better. I am doing more. I really mean it this time.

Monday- Up early. No lazy sleeping in this time. Not playing my games today. Have a schedule and I'm sticking to it. Getting right to it. Nose to the grindstone today. Two blogs done by 11am. So far so good. Fifteen minutes to do the dishes and I am right back at it. Call up my story I want finished today. No stopping and starting. I am banging this baby out. Written and edited by 1pm. So far so good. Have not strayed off the path today. Monday is always a good day for me. Now back to my passion. My main script. So much work to be done on that,  but so much hope for it. One day, when it is all done, it will be a masterpiece. They will be talking about it for years to come. Like Psycho, or The Birds or any of the truly great movies of our generation. It is taking me forever to put it all together, but the pundits will spend days and years breaking it down. I know that. But first, need a break. Shouldn't take one because I know where it leads.  But,  I have been good all day,  so I deserve it.  Back at it by 2pm,  that is my criteria. Keeping myself in line. No chatting. No gaming. No watching videos. Just a quick 30 minute break for lunch and some yard work.
It's 2:15. Took a bit more time.  Who cares? Been at it all day.I deserve it. Ready to start writing again. Got to get to work on the script. But I have emails and private messages to respond to. Got to do that. Can't stop myself from doing that. It's 3:30 now. Monday the great is starting to slip away.  I smack myself back into gear. Internet off. Phone is off. Tv is off. Just me and the blank screen. Back at it. Only have 4 hours then I have to get ready for hockey tonight. Four hours is plenty. I should do more, but a solid 4 hours is a major breakthrough at this point.
6:30 now. Did some great things. Didn't make it to 7:30 like I had hoped, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Oh Tuesday, will you be my friend or continue to be my foe?

Tuesday- Woke up feeling tired. Hockey was hard on me last night. Can't really write much this morning. Need  to get some things done first. Okay, need is the wrong word. Don't feel like working. Avoidance is really the better word. I can just get started later. No worries. Monday was good. Monday is always good, so I can slack off a bit on Tuesday. I deserve it, right? I worked hard. Can't always work so hard. Anyway, who cares? I can do whatever I want when I want. So why be so hard on myself?
Wrote a blog, and banged out a cute short story. Yay me! Did about 20% of what I needed to get done. win again. But Wednesday will be mine. I own Wednesday. Tuesday's guilt usually carries me on Wednesday.

Wednesday- Feeling it this morning. Two more blogs done. Dishes done. Lunch prepared. All emails, messages and games caught up by 11am. I am back in the groove. Lunch time. Rut Roh! A break for lunch. That has always been my doom on Wednesday's before. Have hockey tonight too, so can't waste my time.  Won't be able to make up for it later. Ok, so it's 1:30. Said I would be back at it by 1pm. Writers lament. Surfed for a bit and got distracted. It happens. It happens a lot to me. Anyway, 1:30, back at it. It is what it is.
 Just get writing dammit!
 Enough lame excuses. Forced myself to write for a couple of hours. Needed a break again.
Man o man, I am pathetic and weak. If I were my own life coach I would kick my own butt until I made myself cry. But I am a softie when it comes to disciplining myself.
6pm.  Failed again. Wednesday, you beat me. Two bad days in a row. The exuberance of Saturday is a distant memory fading fast in the rear view mirror of the week. Still two days left to turn this ship around and get it done.

Thursday- Gotta chat with my friends. Have to, right? They are my friends, have to make time for your friends.
A bit tired from hockey. Two games in three nights is tough on this old body. And got another game tonight. Didn't even get up until noon. I am screwed and I know it. Have a blog and a story almost done from two weeks ago.  Going to just mooch off those two and make like I was productive today. Fooling myself is something I just love to do. I will watch some videos to do some research. That will be easy enough. Research is necessary, but also easy.  Writing is hard. This week has sucked. Another week has beat me. But hey, Saturday is within sight and I can convince myself that I will do better next week.

Friday- It's here. Failed again and life beat me this week. Hell, life beat me last week,  and the week before that, and the week before that. And for years. Still haven't achieved my potential. When does this foolishness end?
Anyway playing games, have to play my games. Can't be in the groove all  the time. Need a break. And anyway, it helps with my writing.That's what I tell  myself. I'm a smart guy,  so it must be true. And anyway, I wouldn't lie to myself, right?

Friday- at least I wrote this story. That's something, right? And Saturday is just hours away. Like the sun rising, Saturday always shows up and gives me hope for a better week ahead. One of these weeks I am going to conquer Tuesday.  Watch out Tuesday! The law of averages is on my side. I am bound to win one eventually.

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