Friday, March 22, 2013

An ending that never had a beginning

I ignited your flame
Rekindled your fire
Like a flash of fire
You shot out at me

I didn't see it coming
It was the start of our fire
or was it?
maybe it was the end

I knew you were hot
bound to burn me
But I didn't flinch
I felt your sting

There was no pain
Your fire felt good
It tempered
the chill I had within

After you flamed out
You burned me
I was not cold anymore
So I felt the pain

It's like an ending that never had a beginning
It seems now like it is over
But it always seemed like it was over
Even when it was starting

As fast as we connected
We disconnected
If one of us latched on
The other was always pushing away

It was over as it started
It began as it was ending
it never seemed like there was ever any difference
they were the same thing

no start
no end
it went nowhere
as fast as it went somewhere

Now all I have left are scars
Burn marks to remind me
of where it started
and where it ended

the same place
It's like an ending that never had a beginning

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