Monday, March 11, 2013

Death Cannot Do Us Part: Still

 As your time now becomes short,  you are still. Peaceful. It has always been you and me, for as long as I can remember. But now one of us wont be here anymore. We will cease to be "us". But we will still be us.
You appear to be gone, but I know you are still there. You can hear me now, in your last moments. So, I say this to you because death cannot do us part. I will always hold on to you. Even still, when you become still, I will still feel your motion. Your emotion. Within my now still heart.
And now you are gone. To that other place. There is stillness. Within you, within me. Part of me went with you, so we are still together. Death cannot do us part.
I feel the stillness within me. You are still but you still radiate life. I know you are still there,  even though you are now still. We are still together because death cannot do us part.
Today the crowds have gathered. They see you, still. Calm.  At peace. I see your vibrant glow,  within. That part will never leave me,  or you. Death cannot do us part.
Every part of you still remains with me. We can never part. We are connected through death and life. Connected forever. A part that can never part. We never cease to be "we".

I promise you that we will always be us. Death cannot do us part.

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