Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Wind And The Tree

I am the wind
I am the force of nature
I blow when I gather steam

When I hit a target
I lose steam and then deflect
I carry on and remain strong
I am strong
I am stronger than you will ever be

I am the winded tree
Natures hardships can bend me
A constant battle
To maintain my shape
The wind will bend me
It is a strain to maintain whole
I aspire to remain strong
I am strong
I become stronger when I reshape
Wind, you can only make me stronger

Tree, I will break you
Maybe not this time
Maybe not next time
But I will bend you a bit each time
Until you finally break
You are not strong
You are weak
I am strong
You are no match for me.

Wind, you are strong
Very strong
I love your strength
It doesn't break me
It bends me
Each time I bend
I spring back, stronger
Your strength only enriches me
Keep trying to bend me
Make me stronger

Wind, once you were just a breeze
How did you become a force?
You gathered natures strength
And made it your own

Tree, you are right
I don't know my own strength
Now you have made me stronger
By making me see
The true strength I have 
Is making others stronger

Wind, once I was just a seedling
Below the earth
You could not enrich me
Your strength did not reach me
But now, I am a tall tree
My roots are deep, but strong
My bark is tall, but strong
My exposure is plenty
Your strength is what I seek
To strengthen my roots

Tree, hold on to your roots
I am just the wind
I am weak
I have no roots
I need you to ground me
For without you
I am just a breeze blowing with nothing to stop me
My strength is weakness without enriching your strength   



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