Friday, April 6, 2012

Learning The Language

This is a story about a visitor to my house.  It does have some explicit sex involved. Read at your own discretion.
My parents never had the best relationship and at some point it had to end. That came in 1986. At that time, money was a bit tight. By then, my sister had gotten married and moved out, and we had three empty rooms in the house. My mother decided to generate some income by taking in some summer students from York University. Since we had three empty rooms, we took in 3 borders. They were all very different.
One young guy was Italian, and spoke almost no English. He was nice enough and a good house guest, but I don't remember much about him.
A second guy, Dan,  was about 22 or 23 and was an American. I can't remember why he was here to study, but he was and it wasn't to learn English. He might have been the one teaching English at the University, but I am not sure either way. He was an interesting young guy,  although he did keep to himself and to his room most of the time. At this point in our lives, even though my parents had split up, my father was still in a lot of trouble and we had to deal with a lot of that. It was my mothers opinion that maybe Dan was a plant, a spy for the government to try and get some dirt on my father by listening to our conversations and reporting back. I don't know if that was ever true. I doubt it was, but he did learn a lot about our family. He even mentioned later on before he left that he realized we thought he could be a spy. Later in the fall, when something happened with my father (which I will go into in another story), we had to run to Chicago the next day, and Dan came along. A bit after that, for whatever reason, and one I can't remember, he moved out and on with his life. We never heard from him again.

The third border was a French woman from Quebec named Jocelyn. She spoke broken English. She was clearly French and she was in the news business but wanted to learn English so she could advance her career. That is why she was taking the English classes at the University. My memory is that she was somewhere around 27 or 28. I was 21 at the time.  

Although she spoke very poor English,  she was very friendly and chatty. I got to know Jocelyn a bit, as I was always good at relating to women, especially older women. Jocelyn confided in me that while she had a boyfriend back home in Quebec it was not going well and she was not satisfied. Part of the reason she came here was to get away from it all and take a break from him. I heard many conversations over the phone when they would fight, and she would be in tears. We did have some attraction, but nothing was happening for the first month to six weeks she stayed with us. I got the sense that because I was much younger than her, she was holding back. She did drop me hints that she was interested, and many times came out of the shower in a towel  that revealed quite a bit for me to see. My room was just outside that shower and she knew I would see her if she did that.
I remember it being a very hot summer. Boiling hot in fact. Jocelyn liked to sit out in the sun every day. I spent a lot of time outside practicing my golf swing and just generally getting some sun myself. That summer I worked for my uncle at his factory,  so I could take days off if I wished. And I did wish that. I liked to enjoy my summer and had made more than enough money by mid July for next years tuition and books.

 Jocelyn liked to sunbathe topless. She did lie on her stomach, but at times, she would turn over and I could see her breasts and she was very well built. Of course, being a young guy raging with hormones, I noticed that. I didn't know if she knew I could see her, but I assumed she could. There was a room that faced out to the backyard where she lied on a towel on the grass, and I could watch her from there. I did that a few times. 

It was a hot and sunny summer with very few rainy days, so this was a daily occurrence for Jocelyn. She got braver and braver as the summer went on and at one point would just lie on her back for quite some time topless. She had to know I could see her, but she didn't seem to care. At all times she did this, Dan and the Italian guy were at school, so she knew I was only one home.
The plan was that Jocelyn would stay until Labor day and then go back to her job in Quebec. We were now 2 weeks from that happening, and to this point, nothing had happened between us.
I decided to take a day off and go golfing, but that day turned into a very rainy day. I could not golf, nor could Jocelyn sunbathe that day. I went down to the kitchen to make lunch and she was in the den, across from the kitchen, reading. She always liked to read, even when she was laying out in the sun, she was always reading a book. I said hi and asked her what she was reading as I waited for my plate of french fries to cook. She showed me. It was an erotic story about two lovers who met by accident. While she chatted and looked at me, I noticed she didn't have a bra on, or any underwear. She clearly noticed that I noticed that. There was some sexual tension, but I was not going to make any move,  especially on a house guest who was 6 or 7 years older than me.

I ate my fries and offered her some. She took a few and then I took the rest up to my room. A few minutes later, while I was listening to the radio, I heard a knock on my door. I told her to come in,  and she did.
She asked if she could have more fries, sat next to me and took them off my plate. I could feel her naked leg rub up against mine. We both felt that.
 As she moved her hand onto my leg she asked me:
"You like me, right?"
I nodded that I did. She leaned into me and we kissed as she moved my hands under her top and onto her breasts. I had been with a few girls, but never a real woman like Jocelyn. Of course I had fantasized about her many times, but now it was happening. I was extremely hard and she reached over and felt that.
I was a jock, so I didn't date much. I loved girls, I always have, but sports was always more important to me. The few I did date and have sex with were very inexperienced like me, so it was basic and clumsy sex. I simply did not know any better at the time.

"I'm going to take off your shorts, that is ok, right?" she said as she moved her hand to the button and let it go loose.
Again, I nodded yes. I had been with girls, as I said, but none really knew what to do. I had never had a blowjob, but obviously she knew what to do
, and I was going to let her lead. I was at her mercy. She took off my shorts and began to suck me,  at the same time lifting off her long t shirt to reveal her naked body to me. I had never seen a woman like that up close. On my mind was that I had no condoms,  so I knew where this was heading and I had to decide whether to fuck her and take that risk or stop when the time came.
Luckily for me,  she made that decision for me. She sucked me until I came and had me suck on her boobs for a short bit, then abruptly got up and left the room. She said nothing as she did that, but she smiled at me. I was pretty much in a stake of shock over the whole thing, but I went with the flow.
Two days passed and we smiled at each other but said nothing about the incident in my room. She had about 6 days left to go before she was heading back home. I still did not know what to do. But being the experienced one,  she did.

I was sleeping and it was very late, about 2am. The tv was still on. I always slept with the tv on.  I always have. As I rolled over I felt a hand on my back. Jocelyn was standing in front of me, completely naked,  with her hands on her breasts. She removed the covers from me and moved my hands onto her breasts. She motioned for me to kiss them, which I did. She was in complete control and I was to do whatever she wanted, and she knew that.
"Mark, I want you to fuck me, right now. I am on the pill,  so we don't need protection."
She didn't have to ask me twice, that is for sure. I had been dreaming of this moment all summer. We began to kiss as she was now on top of me, she leaned back and motioned for me to start licking her.  I had never done that before, but I was willing. She was going to teach me how to be a good lover, and she did exactly that.
As I began to lick her, she guided me and instructed me on how to do that. She was neither shy or in any mood to let me off the hook for being an inexperienced, clumsy lover. As I went along, I learned what she liked and just did that. It was a lesson I learned that day that has served me well over time. After a while, she just pushed me back and told me it was time to fuck her. And I did. We spent most of the night doing that, and I guess she was surprised how long I could last. At 6am we were still going, the sun was about to rise and others were sure to be up soon. She got dressed and left to go back to her room. Outside, Dan was there and he saw her come out of my room. He never said anything about it, but he looked at me differently from that day forward.

 That was our only night together. She made that clear. We weren't going to do that again, and she was going home and we would never have any contact again. And we didn't. I always wondered what happened to her, and I tried to look her up, but have never seen anything in the media to suggest her career went anywhere. I guess she didn't learn enough English that summer to make a difference. I however, learned plenty about the language of love.


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