Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slave To You By Mark David

I am a slave to you. From the moment I awake until the moment I sleep, you are always on my mind. Even more than that, in my dreams, you are there. Tempting me, arousing me, taunting me, distracting me.
You have even got my friends doing it. They know how to keep my mind on you.
There is no escape. You are everywhere I go. You have completely infected my thoughts. There is a piece of you in everything. Even when it is not overt, you are there, to remind me that you are the boss of me. The boss of my thoughts.
With that in mind, I surrender. You have beaten me. You own me. I wave the white flag.
Take me as yours and do what you will.
Maybe it was my destiny to be your servant. Only time will tell. Now lets see if you can hold my attention when the next demon comes along to distract and slay me.
Others have been successful in the past, taking me away from the owner who claimed me as theirs. You are powerful. Yes. Very powerful. You are the life force and the passion that can consume even the strongest of men.

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