Monday, October 31, 2011

First Kiss

When I was 12, my family moved from Montreal to Toronto. We didn't know many people, so at the time we spent a lot of time with my cousins. One of my cousins was very close to my age, as I was only 4 months older than her.
Now the details are somewhat foggy, but I do remember most of it. At the time, I was a major jock. My life had always revolved around either playing or watching sports. On this day, I was in my room, with her, and somehow we were wrestling, on the floor. It was probably to see who was the stronger of the two, as we always did stuff like that. But at this point, we were both maturing and she definitely had beat me to that, as she had blossomed a lot in the last year and had all her girl parts in full bloom, while I had just had my growth spurt and was just barely taller than her at this point.
Anyway, we were wrestling, and somehow she got on top of me, and pinned me down, as she was just barely stronger than me. She had my arms tied up and her legs by my side and her body weight on my literally I could not get up or move. I remember there was a pause..and then for whatever reason she leaned over and kissed me.
Now, I had no idea how to do it or what to do next..but I'm pretty sure she had kissed before. I was startled and just lay there. A few seconds passed, then she kissed me again, but this time, I kissed her back. My memory was that I was lousy at it, but she didn't seem to care. This went on for about 10 seconds. After that, I don't remember a thing, other than to say I was always interested in her in that way for about another year of two. In spite of that we never ever kissed or did anything else again.
So, that was technically my first kiss, but not the one I remember the most.
A year later, I was in high school and some of the cooler kids invited me to a party. Now,  being a jock, I had never been to a party, and certainly not to one where the good looking girls would be. As the night went on, there was some alcohol, some dancing, some music but then the night progressed to the point that most of us (about 15 or 20) were sitting in a circle, and spin the bottle was about to happen. I guess I knew what that meant but I was still pretty naive and didn't really know what I was going to do next. I had never really kissed a girl, except for that little episode with my cousin, which really wasn't a kiss, and frankly I was slightly nervous because on top of it going to be my first real kiss, there were going to be 15 or 20 people watching me do it.
And, after about 5 or 6 spins, it was my turn and the moment was at hand. No turning back now. And so it just happened. The first girl, Sandra (no last names), was someone I knew from french class, but was never really interested in anyway. We kissed, and it was okay, but really zero chemistry. It went okay, and she seemed to enjoy it and I'm sure she had done it before, but it didn't feel right with her.
The next girl I remember spun and got me. I could somehow tell by the look in her eye that she was happy to spin and get me. I knew her from around school and we had chatted before, and sure I was attracted to her but I always thought she was just being nice to me as she was a very popular and pretty girl.
As we got closer I guess I could tell that this kiss was going to be different. It started out much more personal and tender and there was much more hands and body involved than with Sandra. We kissed for probably two minutes and it didn't seem like we were going to stop. There was definitely a strong connection, really the first one I ever remembered with any girl. Her name was Molly..and later we spun and got each other again and each time the kiss was better. Funnily enough though we became decent friends over the years of high school and never dated or kissed again. We did slow dance at the dances and were fairly friendly, but never any more than that. Just never happened for some reason. But I will never forget how that felt.
Later on, I ended up spinning and getting a girl named Lisa. Lisa was a real girls girl. Very curvy, very soft, very pretty with nice soft sexy lips. All I can remember about her is that she kissed great, her boobs were soft against my chest, and her lips were the softest of any girl I ever remember to this day. I don't think we had any connection, but I did feel turned on by her.
In the aftermath of that night, I never kissed nor dated any of those girls, although I knew them all for the entire 5 years of school and was friendly with all of them.
So what do I take from that night with me today? Well, I think for me I learned there are three types of girls you encounter in life. One is the type you have no chemistry with and the kiss is empty and just lips. The second is the type where your head goes all dizzy and its like the two of you are becoming one physical being. The third is the type that feels great, physically turns you on, but it only lasts for a short time and then fades away and doesn't hold your attention.
So, what are your thoughts, experiences, comments about my first time and/or yours.

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