Monday, October 31, 2011

HIgh School My School

This morning I was watching a video by The Wilkinsons which reminded me of my high school days. In the video, the young girl, who is now 18 is riding a bus out of town and sees her high school fade off in the distance. This is metaphorical and signifies her old youthful life fading away as she moves towards adulthood and making her way.
So I began reflecting on my high school years.
What did I really learn about in high school?
What have I taken from those 5 years?
How does it help or not help me as I approach 50, some 30 years removed from my high school days.

Well, obviously the main purpose of high school is to teach you about things, and culture, how to speak well, add and subtract, the how and why of science, some physical and sexual education and to prepare you to be a productive member of society.

But, none of those things do I really remember about high school.

For me, I remember the people. The friends, the teachers, the girls, the heartbreak, the drama.

In that way, life never really changes. The lessons I learned in high school I now draw on as I go out there every day and interact with people.

And what have I learned. Well, nothing ever changes. We might grow older but..

  • people will still disappoint you
  • love is still very complicated and never easy
  • the one you love will not always be the one who loves you back
  • real friends are always your real friends
  • everyone has some level of insecurity no matter how secure they seem
  • treat others well, most times you will get that back
  • many more..but that's enough for now.

How bout you, what are your memories of high school and some of the lessons you learned that you draw on to this day?

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